WWH flagship that gets you up, close and personal with the forests, resting in the safe confines of nature.

The official Tribal Lunch, a wonderful sit-down village experiences and meal, collectively taps on the potential borne by the women of Aarey and innovated ways of helping them. Through their excellent cooking skills, they can now bring authentic Maharashtrian Tribal/Adivasi cuisine to the multitudes in the City of Mumbai, who would otherwise go far and wide to experience village life and the serenity of nature. Aarey, the lungs of Mumbai City, has often been downplayed owing to the vast reserves of forest land and its close proximity and inclusion of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park of Borivali. However, unknown to many, the 27 existing padas in the area make it a perfect place to experience civilization amid Nature.
WWH understood the potential at an early stage and brought in this ingenuity, opening the doors of the Aarey community to the whole of Mumbai and its neighboring cities and districts. The Tribal Lunch and the Products that are authentically Warli and Maharashtrian Tribal are now ways to help everyone understand the hardships of the community in Aarey and contribute their bit whilst enjoying a village walk and a hearty, healthy meal in the midst of plush greenery.