WWH strives to provide various opportunities for learning by providing grass root training programs for children, women, youth and adults who have never been to school, or have dropped out of it; it also works to improve the quality of education in schools. Following Support Programs have already been initiated:

a) Computer training – Basic, Tally, DTP, Hardware, MSCIT b) English Speaking c) Music training d) Dance training e) Martial arts

There are other training programs being worked out : Mobile repairing, Bed side assistance, Various Cultural activities and Library facilities are also planned.

While employment avenues are increasing rapidly in India’s fast-growing economy, they are not being filled by people with compatible skill-sets. WWH attempts to bridge the divide between those who have access to opportunities and those who are increasingly being marginalized. WWH in its own small way tries to address the needs of youth who are constrained by low income levels, inadequate skills, irregular employment, absence of opportunities for training and development, family indebtedness and little bargaining power at the economic or social level.

To enable these youth to gain a foothold in the competitive job market, WWH attempts to provide them livelihood and soft skills in an environment of interactive learning and mentoring that develops their inherent strengths. The aspirants will be also put through intensive Communicative English, On-the-Job training and work-readiness modules, to help them understand the workplace better. WWH has access to companies requiring workers applicable to the skill set and literacy rates of the community. We hope to continue to foster relationships with large and small corporations who require staff and are prepared to train employees from our community.