Community participation in Cleanliness, Hygiene and Sanitation for Healthy environment

WWH employs local community members to monitor and keep the area clean and to clear the accumulated dump waste ensuring they are garbage free.

WWH takes pride in and encourages the community to be civic minded by the creation of “Green Spaces” where previously there were garbage dumps. By ridding large areas of tons of garbage, planting trees and flowers, educating the children about plants and nature and keeping these “Green Spaces” free of accumulated garbage, WWH has instilled community pride and a concern for nature ( Birds, flowers, plants) in thousands of people who live in an otherwise chaotic, dusty environment.

Plans are in progress to run a composting site, vermiculture to reduce household waste in the area by keeping garbage to a minimum and disposing garbage into Bins.

Counselling, Awareness & Communal Harmony WWH provides counseling to families, individuals and the community at large on a case by case basis focusing on the immediate problems and then offering solutions. The focus is on creating awareness for women at Community events with informed, educated guest speakers with regards to their health , safety and physical abuse within their marriage.; counseling teens about the importance of education for future job prospects, encouraging parents to be vigilant about their children’s health.

WWH is dedicated to preventing criminal elements from flourishing within the community with a ‘no-tolerance’ policy for gambling, theft, public drunkenness and abuse of other community members WWH also strives to improve the lives of the underprivileged children in the community by celebrating Children’s day and other functions to treat them with goodies, games and a lot of fun.