Bringing about Positive Systemic Change

WWH (We Will Help) Charitable Foundation is a Public Trust established in 2013 and is here to carry out services and activities for people living in slums/backward villages. It focuses on uplifting such dwellers and bringing them closer to the mainstream population. The Trust particularly aims its services within the metropolitan city of Mumbai, as it strives to cater to the vast populous of tribal/Adivasi/slum villages within the premises.

WWH works effectively across four main programs/projects. These programs are undertaken keeping in mind the needs and requirements of our beneficiaries. The four projects are the four quadrants of human living and it is with such human dignity that we hope to provide a holistic developmental opportunity for those living in marginalized conditions.
In the midst of the 27 tribal hamlets of about 3000 acres of Aarey Milk Colony, with a total population of about 90,000, we ardently carry out our services and activities by uplifting these communities and empowering them to get closer to the mainstream society and thrive. We request you to kindly go through the short video link to get a glimpse of our activities:

Our Trust is registered with authorities and is eligible for accepting donations from all sources such as CSR, individuals, etc. The tribal villagers within the jungles have no source of food due to the on-going pandemic and its consequential lockdown & restrictions. They don’t have ration cards as well, which unfortunately cuts them off from government aid in the region. They are in a dire state and are relying on our help and support. We have been providing whatever food we can source from like-minded individuals till date.

Every life counts and we value every life!

Our Vision

WWH will achieve Systemic Change in the near future in areas where it acts through the efficient management of resources, the active participation of the community and the involvement of public institutions.
We will work as a catalyst in bringing change in the lives of underprivileged and marginalised children.

Our Mission

“We are just ordinary people, coming together to help achieve Positive Systemic Change in the communities that are victims of poverty, caste, gender, lack of opportunities and lack of encouragements. We want to see the people in need being helped irrespective of caste, religion, gender, and colour. We are full of energies and burning with passion to transform the lives of people, who are mostly located in the slums and villages.

Our Team

Trustees Executive Officers  Advisory Board
  • Mr Amaldas
  • Mr Eugene Das
  • Dr Janet Hendricks
  • Ms Varsha Kulkarni
  • Mr Saver D’Souza
  • Mr Swapnil More
  • Mr. Lawrence Das
  • Mrs Mary Das
  • Ms Jalasha Dcosta
  • Mr. Roshan D’Mello
  • Mr Lawrence Chettiar
  • Ms Pushpa Devadiga
  • Dr Leela Mathai