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Organic Market Goregaon
A fun day with our Tribal women from Aarey, Dec 2017
Organic Market Goregaon. Thank you Goregaon Highway Pulse – GHP Mumbai
Idobro Impact Solutions
Idobro Impact Solutions, Dec 2017
Employee Engagement with some incredibly eager & enthusiastic employees!!
Sarees for the festive season
Sarees for the festive season, Oct 2017
All thanks to the efforts of Ritu Oberoi who collected a large number of Sarees for our Tribal women. These were distributed on 6th October to the women of 4 hamlets. Thank you Sushmita too for the equally large collection of sarees that were distributed at Vanicha Pada. Your kind assistance brought million watt smiles on our women’s faces!
Lionbridge Helping Hands
Lionbridge Helping Hands, Oct 2017
Thanks to Lionbridge India. The wind beneath our work in Aarey!
SOL Waldorf School Even
SOL Waldorf School Event, Oct 2017
Our tribal community was happy to share their space and green vibes with the kids and parents of the SOL Waldorf School, Goregaon East.
Oberoi Woods Tribal Tadka
Oberoi Woods Tribal Tadka, Diwali Sale, Oct 2017
>Clean Picnic Spot
Picnic Spot Garden in Aarey is clean!, Oct 2017
Enthusiastic employees of Continuum Managed Solutions Pvt Ltd, Andheri spent their morning cleaning amidst the green of Aarey. The thrash was bagged for responsible disposal.
More Solar Lamps
Distribution of more tiny powerful solar lamps, Oct 2017
Distribution of still more tiny powerful solar lamps, sponsored by Raichel Joseph Foundation. Adding smiles to our Tribal families.
For Sarees
For Sarees collecting sarees for the women of Aaray, Sept 2017
Sarees in good condition were collected for the women of the tribal commmunities we work with in Aarey.
Refurbishing a village borewell, Sept 2017
The 80 strong community of one of our villages will shortly benefit from our efforts of refurbishing their borewell. There was much excitement when the Shakti tank reached us from Zarhak Moulders ,Goa.
Cricket birthday theme
Cricket playing birthday in Aarey, Sept 2017
Crab spotting and Cricket playing birthday in Aarey with a special kiddy Tribal Lunch menu..
The Robinhood Army (Powai chapter) visit 12 hamlets/ padas in Aarey Colony, Goregaon (E), August 2017
Dry food hampers were given to over 850 families. In addition healthy snack packets and fruits were given to 890 kids. Women from the various hamlets assisted the WWH team & The Robinhood Army in this distribution. Special thanks to Sushmita for the opportunity and to all the RHA volunteers.
Reforesting a string of villages in Aarey, August 2017
With the Glenmark Pharmaceuticals group of employees. All thanks to Idobro Impact Solutions
Rice sowing time in Aarey
It’s rice sowing time in Aarey, July 2017
One group of our Tribal Tadka women doing what they do best. A big shout to all those who have supported them in the past year
WWH & The Pink Brigade
Raincoat Distribution at Khambacha Pada, June 2017
It is so heartwarming to see genuine smiles and gratitude light up the beautiful faces of the adivasi women. Most of these women use cloth for their monthly needs and were elated to receive their six monthly supply of sanitary napkins.
Raincoat Distribution
Raincoat Distribution at Khambacha Pada, June 2017
Raincoats for the kids of Khambacha Pada. Just in time to go back to school.
Recycling plastic bottles
Recycling plastic bottles @ Aarey, May 2017
A plastic bottle shredding machine was installed yesterday, by WWH & Biocrux inside Picnic Spot. The bottles will be shredded by the machine and the flakes will be picked up by Biocrux for recycling.
Refurbished borewell
Refurbished borewell at one of our villages in Aarey, May 2017
Livelihood enhancing, year round veggie farming will now be possible for these women. All thanks to the generosity of a family run trust.
170 smokeless stoves
170 smokeless stoves were distributed to 4 villages, May 2017
Distributed by Omkar Foundation & sponsored by Rotary Club of Bayview Mumbai. So many more tribal households breathe easy now!
5th Chakki (grinder) installed
5th Chakki (grinder) installed at Damu Pada @ Aarey, April 2017
Easing the burden of the Warli community of Damu Pada @ Aarey. Idobro Circle of Impact at work with Glenmark Pharmaceutical’s generosity.
Whistling Woods Goodness Bazaar
Whistling Woods Goodness Bazaar, April 2017
Team WWH, had a blast at the Whistling Woods Goodness Bazaar.
Cycle A Way news
Cycle A Way News, April 2017
Refurbished and made new. Cycles that will benefit the communities we work with.
4th chakki (grinder) installed
4th chakki (grinder) installed at Maroshi Pada @ Aarey, April 2017
The pada women were in awe and will put it to good use as it will save them many a long trek to the faraway grinding mill. This is part of Glenmark’s CSR project facilitated by Idobro Circle of Impact. WWH is happy to be associated with both !!
Tribal Tadka stall at Goregaon Fest
Tribal Tadka stall at Goregaon Fest, April 2017
Learning curves, larger venues, more opportunities for our two groups of women from different padas who participated. Thank you to the “WWH Tribal Tadka” die hard fans & well wishers, who made a special trip to support .
Birthdays & Gudi Padwa
The excitement and laughter of Tribal kids at a Birthday Party, March 2017
Birthdays are happier when spent at one of our tribal villages; more so, if its also on Gudi Padwa
Glenmark Foundation
Glenmark Foundation refurbished and painted the crumbling Balwadi, March 2017
Two of our villages saw a splash of colour and joy today, when volunteers from Glenmark Foundation refurbished and painted the crumbling Balwadi, played with the village kids, distributed smokeless stoves, water storage drums and a whole load of stuff which will Make a Difference to the lives of the families of the communities we work with.
Mumbai Mom
Mumbai Mom fed its body and soul, March 2017
At the tribal lunch organised by WWH Charitable Foundation’s Cassandra and supported by Mumbai Mom, we were witness to a lifestyle that still retains its pristine way of life
Sandvik India Diversity Award
Sandvik India Diversity Award 2017 in Pune, March 2017
WWH Tribal Lunch Women Empowerment project was the recipient of the Sandvik India Diversity Award 2017 in Pune on 7th March, 2017. The project was selected amongst 169 entries, pan Maharashtra, to be amongst the Top 3 in its Category.
International Women's Day
International Women’s Day, March 2017
Feed your body and soul at MumbaiMom’s Tribal Lunch Date. A celebration of Happiness with your families on International Women’s Day this year.
Mumbai Organic Fest
Mumbai Organic Fest, Feb 2017
Let your child experience the rhythmic process of nachni-grinding on a traditional chakki and make nachni bhakri’s with their own hands. Adults can experience this calming process too. All this assisted by the Tribals from Aarey
Sol Waldorf School at Aarey
SOL Waldorf school at Aarey, Feb 2017
Little ones amongst the veggies in Aarey. Fun, educational trip by the SOL Waldorf school, Goregaon.
Pan Cards & Accounts
PAN Cards, Adhaar Cards & Bank accounts, Jan 2017
Empowerment full circle. PAN Cards, Adhaar Cards & Bank accounts opened for some of our Tribal families earlier this week.
Yoga At Aarey
Yoga in the green of Aarey, Jan 2017
Yoga in the green of Aarey conducted by Renuka Naik of Vedant Yoga Academy followed by a simple breakfast prepared by one of our Warli cooking teams.
Smokeless stoves
Smokeless stoves from Vedant Foundation, Jan 2017
Smokeless stoves from Vedant Foundation, along with blankets and food grains from a wellwisher , were distributed to families at Jivacha Pada.
Birthday Celebration
A young girl celebrated her birthday in Aareyy, Jan 2017
A nature trail, warli art class were part of the birthdau celebration. Thank you to the parents & grandparents of this child for the thoughtful, generous gifts of blankets & assorted foodstuff to our tribal families.
Tribal Tadka Breakfast
First Tribal Tadka Breakfast, Jan 2017
The Green of Aarey was splashed with colour yesterday morning as cyclists from all over the city including Thane, Kalyan & Airoli came to the first Tribal Tadka Breakfast.
Making Rice & Ragi rotis live at the SOL Waldorf Mela, Jan 2017
Tribal Tadka Thetchas, kokum, Til laddoos, papads and more sold on January 14th.