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Fun Fair at Andheri
Meet our warli women entrepreneurs from the jungles of Aarey, Dec 2016
Their first Tribal Tadka live cooking outside the village. Rice & Ragi rotis, Zavla, fried bombils, stuffed brinjal, thetcha, kokum sharbat, til laddoos, modaks, papads and more…
1200 sandals distributed
1200 sandals distributed at a BMC school in the interiors of Aarey, Dec 2016
This was part of the Tata Consultancy Services CSR activity in the school. The TATA volunteers were a joy to work alongside.
Second Chakki Sponsored
A second Chakki, sponsored by Vedant Foundation, Dec 2016
A second Chakki, sponsored by Vedant Foundation was innaugrated at Devi Pada, Aarey Milk Colony on 30th November 2016.
Boot Aapo, Dec 2016
Last lot of shoes from the BOOT AAPO drive were distributed on 4th December Vanicha Pada, Aarey Milk Colony ,Goregaon
Happy Feet with TCS
Happy Feet with TCS, Nov 2016
First day of measuring kids for the sandals that TCS will be sponsoring by way of their CSR.
Diwali at Aarey, Oct 2016
Diwali & other gifts distributed for the residents at Aarey
Meditation, Nov 2016
Mediation by Vineet and team for the residents of Khambacha Pada
Diwali Sales
Back to Back Diwali Sales, Nov 2016
It was a very busy pre Diwali week for our women with Back to Back sales at ITC Maratha, Anushree’s Home, Lionbridge Technologies, Agilities Logistics, Volkswagen, Learning Mate and Blossom CHS. A big shout out to all who helped and made this happen.
Smokeless Chullas
15 Smokeless Chullas, Oct 2016
A scheme to gift a smokeless stove to the tribal women at Aarey. Thank you Vedant Foundation, for your generosity.
AUR CHALAO, Oct 2016
Second lot of clothes, toys, books, baby cots, prams were distributed today. Thank You to the Goregaon folks and volunteers for making this happen. We at WWH Charitable Foundation are in awe of the hard work and generosity.
BOOT AAPO, Oct 2016
Joy of Giving week started on the right foot for the people in Aarey. BOOT AAPO! 2100 pairs of shoes were given to us from this Initiative in the Parsi Baugs across the city. Thank you XYZ Stepping Forward & all the coordinators across the city who collected ,more than 12000 pairs, sorted and segregated them.
Tribal Lunch on Zee TV
Featured by Zee TV, August 2016
WWH Tribal Lunch (28th August) is featured by Zee TV.
Rice plantation
Rice Transplanting, July 2016
Our women of Aarey busy with rice transplanting. Green souls teaching new plantation techniques.
Veggie Beds
Growing Veggies, July 2016
Making beds for growing veggies. A perfect time to start a growing project in the monsoon.
Reforestation Efforts
Reforestation Efforts by Lionbridge and WWH, June 2016
2 Jackfruit & 5 Mango saplings were given to the women of Khambacha Pada, Aarey unit 25. The women will plant & nurture the trees. This is the second part of Lionbridge India & WWH Charitable Foundation effort at reforestation.
Domestic Flour Mill
A Domestic Flour Mill was sponsored by WWH, June 2016
A domestic flour Mill was sponsored by WWH and installed in Aarey Unit 25, Khambacha Pada on 26th June 2016. It will save the women much time as otherwise they have to walk a long distance to the Chakki and back. Freeing time for entrepreneurial skills and maybe rice papad making after the rains.
Free Skin Camp
Free Skin Camp, June 2016
Dr Belinda Vaz of Dadar was the Dermatologist who conducted the camp. Apart from sharing her expertise there was a distribution of free medicines.
Free Eye Check up Camp
Free Eye Check up Camp, April 2016
Free Eye Check up Camp was sponsored by Gangar Eye Nation as part of their CSR activity. The event was held in collaboration with WWH & SEVA. Free spectacles were distributed on the spot and forms were filled in for free spectacle prescriptions that would be sent within 3 weeks. Over 150 patients availed of the free check up.
The Junkyard Project
Lionbridge Helping Hands, March 2016
MTV The Junkyard Project is MTV’s attempt to get the youth to not just be bystanders but to be actively involved in the drive for “cleanliness” to add the fun quotient by blending in music and art. Lionbridge has lent their support to this unique initiative.
Crockery Donation
Crockery donation, March 2016
Crockery donated by Bhatia Hospital.
Coloring with the kids
Colouring Fb, February 2016
Colouring fun with Christine Vaz, SSVP Marol.
Women Empowerment, Sewing
Sewing at Aarey unit 25, February 2016
A sewing program for the tribal woman at Aarey